Sunday, January 25, 2015

Curvy Women Fashions

Did you know that no matter what size you are you can look stunning? It's all about putting your fashion style together. Girls in years gone by weren't as thin as they are today. 
    Did you know that Marilyn Monroe was a size 14?

It's all about putting it together. Here are some styling tips for you from my years in the Beauty Industry and from being a trained Image Consultant. 

Finding tops that slightly cover your hips can be very slimming. It is better to invest in 1-7 tops that look great on you than to have a closet full of a lot of clothing that doesn't do you justice. 

   Also not having clothing tight against your neck helps to give a slimming effect but don't have bust line popping out or you make actually just look over weight trying to stuff yourself into something that doesn't fit you well.    Give yourself a little breathing at the neck. 
Pants can be a issue for the curvy girl and sometimes for a busy fashionable girl I suggest with the way cool styles out that a Jean style legging with a top that covers the hips somewhat can look really chic.   Add some really low heeled boots or shoes and you will look adorable!    

Uhhh...girls are like any human beings they come in different shapes and sizes but are beautiful nonetheless

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